Judging Committee

One of the strengths of the TestingCup Competition is the comprehensive judging process which relies on the experienced Judges.

Committee members are responsible for evaluating reports and determining the TestingCup Award Winners and Champions.

Meet the experts who are behind the 2019 Championship Competition.

Radosław Smilgin
Head of Jury

Founder of testerzy.pl, an expert in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, an entrepreneur and a trainer.

In his work he combines two schools of testing - formal testing and the exploratory one.

The originator and organizer of TestingCup - Software Testing Championship & Conference.

An accredited ISTQB trainer and a member of the working group preparing a new version of the ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus. The author of the book for beginners "Zawód Tester" (ang. Profession: Tester) and the chapter on exploratory testing in the well-received 'Software testing in practice. Case study.'.

He shares his knowledge and experience on the Internet at testerzy.pl and in many lectures in Poland and abroad.

Grzegorz Dawid

Grzegorz Dawid have 14 years of experience in IT projects – in past years he worked as PL/SQL developer, business and system analyst and project manager. For many years he specializes in software testing area. He act as test manager in large IT projects as BASEL2 or MIFID2 implementation, he managed the test team both on IT (SIT, performance tests) and business site (UAT). Certified in test management (ISTQB - Certified Tester Advanced Level), winner of Testing Cup 2016 - Polish championship in testing (individual players competition). He published articles about testing in Quale magazine.

Łukasz Gałuszka

Tester and test manager with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He works at a company that makes software for telecommunication service providers. He has been testing software, elements of telecommunication networks and from time to time - patience of developers. Certified ISTQB Foundation Level tester. Volunteer and member of jury. In TestingCup crew since the 1st edition.

Natalia Krawczyk

Has several years of experience in software testing using various technologies. Her interest in technical site of testing has developed quite an affection for automation. Onwer of ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager certificate. Lecturer at WrotQA, TestWarez, participant in TestingCup and originator/co-organizer of Automated Testing Cup. She likes to ask philosophical questions regarding testing and to search answers to them. In spare time, she likes to go to music festivals and watch Friends.

Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz

Emilia has been testing stuff as long as she can remember. At first it was her parents patience which was tested, then she moved on to testing durability of different equipment (including computers). After 2012 she decided that her approach would work well in software testing. The more effort she puts in accomplishing a task, the bigger the smile on her face. She is always eager to share her knowledge because… why shouldn’t she? She is a well grounded optimist whose main interest lies in security testing. After hours she lectures, is a speaker and conducts workshops, writes a blog called javagirl.pl. She also volunteers at an orphanage and puts together various conferences around Poland.

Kamila Mrozek

Kamila is a quality engineer at Objectivity in Poland with 4 years of experience in testing. She suffers from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – she tries to be present absolutely everywhere, learns quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve her testing. Some say, that her creativity is boundless. They may be correct because often she creates some funny images, written texts for blog or presentations. She believes that nothing is impossible. Her motto is “I can not do it? Hold my coffee.”. Despite the critical approach to software, she remains a tireless optimist. Privately her passions are long and short distance traveling with casual and competition gun shooting.

Dariusz Olszewski

He chose the only right career path in 2007 and can not imagine the work not related to providing information about the quality of the software.

For years, he has been directing his skills and abilities, as well as the teams he has the honor to lead. He spent most of his work on mobile devices, also hooking up those that can be dressed. For over 2 years of involvement in the creation of automated tests for websites, now he is involved in e-commerce platforms projects. After supporting the 3rd edition as a volunteer, since the 4th he is a member of the Judges Committee.

In private, he is a huge fan of technical news, mobile photography and Formula 1.

Maciej Zaborowski

Graduated from Military University of Technology in Computer Science. Certified ISTQB – Advanced Level – Test Manager tester. Captain of the winning team of TestingCup 2013, Ambassador of II, III and IV edition of the Championship. These days he is engaged professionaly in supervision and quality assurance at a consulting company. He has years of experience in testing small and large/complex systems. Participated in various recruitment projects by finding and selecting software-testing consultants. New technologies enthusiast. People-oriented person.

Michał Zacharuk

A member of the TestingCup Crew since the very first edition. He started and sharpened his testing skills with the testerzy.pl team. Now, Michał is involved in projects from the banking and telecommunication sectors. In his career he focuses on technical aspects of testing. In his spare time he transforms to the Witcher and during summer attends music festivals.