_Mr Buggy

Are you ready for Mr Buggy?

He’s full of bugs, but we assure you – he’s alive and kicking. Challenge Him despite the place you are!

Home office, no office / no-work break, lockdown, homedays (holidays at home), home quarantine. It doesn’t matter. You can meet and beat Mr Buggy from any place in the world. For the very first time in the modern history the Competition will be online.

So, prepare all your dirty techniques and challenge other Testers from around the world to become the one who will defeat the King of all Failures.


The following requirements may be changed or extended with additional details.
This page contains the most updated version of the requirements.

The Competition will be completely different from what you’ve already known form previous editions.

We have simplified it and, on the other hand, we have mitigated most of the risks related to performance, security, reliability of the Internet. Even though we play online, the major task will be held offline.

Each of the individual and team participants shall have their own mobile phone with the Android system.

Computers might be useful, but are not necessary. You will use it mostly to communicate with the organizers or the member of your team, but for that you can use your mobile phone as well.

The mobile phone you will use during the Competition should meet the following requirements:

  • Android 6 or later,
  • minimum 2GB RAM,
  • a good Internet connection will be an attitude.

Try MrBuggy DEMO

Get the feeling how the Competition will be and what kind of task you're going to deal with. Check if your mobile device meets the requirements.

Mr Buggy DEMO is available via beta test on Google Play.



We encourage you to read carefully TestingCup 2020 Rules and Regulations available here

Please, pay attention to § 4. The Course of the Contest.

Try archival versions of Mr Buggy from previous editions of TestingCup: mrbuggy.pl