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The biggest Championship in Software Testing! TestingCup is one-of-the-kind event organised in Poland every year since 2013. During the event participants challenge their software testing skills in Championship and participate in world class international Conference. TestingCup brings together the software testing community to, through active and healthy competition, select and award the Best Software Testers. This year we welcome you to join us on 17 June 2020!
TestingCup is open to everyone who, either at work and/or our of passion, care about software quality.


You can participate as an Individual Contestant or in the Team Category. However, it is possible to compete only in one category.
A team consists of 3 Participants, incl. 1 Captain.
The Captain is responsible for communication with the Judging Committee in organisational and decision-related issues.


Testers' biggest enemy, the King of all Failures, Mr Buggy is an application with hidden bugs, prepared for the purpose of the competition. Once the competition is over, Mr Buggy is released and serves as a learning tool for future software testing professionals. Try archival versions of Mr Buggy from previous editions of TestingCup at mrbuggy.pl.
We have limited requirements for hardware and software for your Android mobile phone only. It’s the only technical “must have” that enables you to enter to the TestingCup Competition.
Mr Buggy with all the documentation will be prepared in English.
One Participant can have not more than one mobile phone.
To avoid problems with installation, we recommend to try Mr Buggy Demo, which allows you to check if your mobile phone meets the technical requirements. Not using Mr Buggy Demo deprives you of the grounds for making a complaint about the installation of the actual version of Mr Buggy (version prepared for the Competition).
No additional devices are needed. Teams should consider their way of working and communicating with each other.
In case of any technical, phone-related problems that can occur during the Competition, the Participant should immediately contact the Organizer via email address testingcup@testingcup.pl.


TestingCup is open to everyone regardless of experience in Software Testing or Quality Assurance. In case of minor participants, a legal parental/guardian permission is required.
Simply visit Participation Zone and register. One person can register not only the whole team or an individual competitor, but many of them. It is significant and helpful if you need many participants under one invoice.
Premium tickets include participation in TestingCup 2020. They also allow the participants for a use of commercial texts such as company name, company logo.
While signing up for TestingCup simply choose the ticket at a standard price and then add a Premium option at extra charge.
The deadline is 12 June 2020 or as long as tickets are available.
Yes, you can edit your data until 12 June 2020. Using commercial names and graphics is only allowed for the Participants with Premium tickets.
Yes, you can replace a member of your team in your account until 12 June 2020. Later changes are possible with the consent of the Organizer.


The Mr Buggy application will be available to download on the day of the Competition (17 June 2020).

The link to Mr Buggy will be shared right before the start of the Competition. You will have 10 minutes to download and install the application on your Android phone.
To log into Mr Buggy you will need a special Identifier available on your account in the Participant Zone.
  • Log into the Participant Zone
  • Save your Identifier for the day of the Competition.
The secret password will be announced at the beginning of the Competition via online transmission of the Championship Opening.
Mr Buggy Mobile does not have any build-in communicator. Your Team needs to build the cooperation environment by itself.

The following types of communication are completely prohibited during the Competition:
  • Communication between members of different Teams, between individual Participants, and between Team members and Individual Participants,
  • Communication between Competitors and other people who do not take part in the Contest.
Right before the Competition we will announce a communication channel between the Participants and the Organizers.
The winner of TestingCup 2020 is a Team and an Individual Participant who solve the most tasks in the shortest time. TestingCup awards first three places in both categories.